Get In-House Aligners From the Local Orthodontist in Kyle

Sept 15th, 2023

We know you. Yeah, you! You decided to stop wearing your retainer a few months ago and now your teeth have shifted. You might feel embarrassed and ashamed and don’t want to come back into an orthodontic office to confess. Don’t worry! Most adults don’t want to go through metal braces again if they’ve had them before. And if you’ve had braces before and just need to shift one or two teeth back into position, you’ve come to the right place! Here at Oldham Family Orthodontics in Kyle, we make clear aligners in-house to help anyone with minimal shifting or a slight relapse...

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Braces in Kyle: What To Do If Your Wire Pops Out

August 15th, 2023

Traditional metal braces are used by orthodontists all over the world to straighten crooked teeth. Here in Kyle, braces are seen on kids, teens, and adults! Though mouths and teeth differ from patient to patient, metal braces as we know them have been used for quite a while; however, the technology behind them has changed for the better. Braces have several parts that include the brackets, archwire, and ligature elastics. Dr. Maxwell Oldham at Oldham Family Orthodontics in Kyle uses these components to achieve beautiful, straight smiles for his patients. Let’s learn more about what these parts do and what to do if a wire pops out of place. ...

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Qualifications to Look for in Your Kyle Orthodontist

July 15 2023

Googling “Orthodontics in Kyle”? When it’s time to get Kyle braces or Invisalign in Kyle, you don’t want to trust your teeth to someone who is inexperienced or ill-qualified. You want an expert to make your teeth look as beautiful as possible! At Oldham Family Orthodontics in Kyle, we know that our patients want the kind of results that can only come from an extremely qualified orthodontist. Here are some of the qualifications you should look for before starting orthodontic treatment....

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Orthodontics in Kyle: Why Do I Need to Wear My Retainer After Braces?

June 15th, 2023

When your Kyle orthodontic treatment is complete and you finally have that beautiful smile you’ve always wanted, don’t forget to wear your retainer! Although Kyle braces and Invisalign in Kyle can shift your teeth into their correct position, a retainer worn every night afterwards will ensure that those teeth stay put! At Oldham Family Orthodontics in Kyle, we like to tell our patients to wear their retainers, “At Nighttime for a Lifetime!” When you wear your retainer faithfully, you’re investing in your current and future smile....

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Invisalign First™: Orthodontics in Kyle For Your Child

May 15th, 2023

Is your child ready for braces but you’re nervous about all the pokey wires and metal in their mouth? Do you want to straighten your kid’s teeth, but you’re worried about them playing sports in traditional braces? Does your child have sensory issues and doesn’t like the feeling of metal and wires in their mouth? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, then Invisalign First™ in Kyle may be the right option for your child. Oldham Family Orthodontics in Kyle is excited to offer Invisalign First™ to children and preteens as an alternative to traditional metal braces. Keep reading to find out if Invisalign First™ is the right choice for your child!...

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Do Wisdom Teeth Affect Kyle Braces?

April 15th, 2023

If you’re an adult over 25 years old, you’ve probably already had your wisdom teeth removed. The uncomfortable experience likely involved surgery under anesthesia and lots of soft foods afterwards like ice cream, mashed potatoes, and yogurt, with recovery of a few days. At Oldham Family Orthodontics in Kyle, we want to debunk some of the myths out there about wisdom teeth and explain whether or not wisdom teeth will affect your beautiful smile before, during, and after your orthodontic treatment in Kyle....

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Orthodontics in Kyle: All About Dental Ankylosis

March 15th 2023

At Oldham Family Orthodontics in Kyle, we see teeth in every color, shape, and size! There’s not a mouth we meet that we don’t like! It’s our job as Kyle’s best orthodontist to make you aware of the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to teeth. Although a lot of the patients we see have straightforward cases, there are some issues other than typical crowding or an overbite that stand in their way. One of these conditions is called dental ankylosis. ...

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Show Love to Yourself With Oldham Family Orthodontics

Feb 14th 2023

February is often called, “The Month of Love”. For a lot of us, that may mean gifting Valentine’s Day cards to our friends and family, or baking a special treat to show love to teachers and mentors. But don’t forget to take some time to show love to yourself, too!...

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Prioritize Your Smile in 2023 with Orthodontics in Kyle

January 15th 2023

How are you going to make 2023 an amazing year? A lot of people set weight loss goals, fitness goals, or try to change their eating habits so they can have a healthier lifestyle. But don’t forget to include your teeth in those New Year’s Resolutions! Too many people put off orthodontic treatment because they worry it’s too expensive or that they’re past the “prime” age to have orthodontics. But neglecting your smile can actually be detrimental to both your oral and physical health! At Oldham Family Orthodontics in Kyle, we’re here to put your worries to rest. We offer orthodontic treatment in Kyle to patients both young and old, and we can provide payment plans that fit your lifestyle. Here are some reasons why 2023 is the year to make your smile your number one priority....

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Tips to Celebrate the Holidays While Wearing Invisalign in Kyle

December 12th 2022

During the holiday season, it’s nice to sit back, relax, and take it easy! You’ve worked hard for 11 ½ months, and now it’s that “most wonderful time of the year” when you can celebrate Christmas, family, and friends. While you set up your tree, hang stockings from the chimney with care, and roast those chestnuts on the fire, don’t forget to wear your Kyle Invisalign Aligners! A lot of people think taking a break from work also means taking a break from orthodontics. While you may think that not wearing your aligners for just a week or two isn’t a big deal, you can actually prolong your treatment and cause more problems for yourself down the road. At Oldham Family Orthodontics in Kyle, we want to give you some tips for celebrating the holidays while staying on track with your Invisalign treatment plan. ...

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The Cost of Braces in Kyle-Don’t Be Spooked!

Oct 25 2022

Happy Halloween! Here at Oldham Family Orthodontics in Kyle, we hope you’re getting into the Halloween spirit and looking “fa-boo-lous”. We’ve had a lot of our patients tell us that they put off getting Buda braces and/or Invisalign in Kyle for a long time, worrying it was unaffordable. But we’re here to tell you that you don’t need to be “spooked” by our prices! If you’re wondering, “how much are braces in Kyle?” or thinking it’s finally time to get braces or Invisalign, we have so many different financial options that will fit your budget and your lifestyle that we’ll take the “scary” right out of it!...

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Keeping Up With Regular Dentist Visits During Kyle Braces

September 15th 2022

No one loves going to the dentist, but we all know it's necessary to keep teeth in good shape. But once you start Kyle orthodontic treatment, you don’t have to see your dentist anymore, right? WRONG! Any individualized orthodontic treatment plan should be coordinated with your dentist to be sure you’re getting the best care possible. When you come to Oldham Family Orthodontics in Kyle, we’ll encourage you to continue seeing your dentist at least every six months for regular cleanings and check-ups during your treatment and beyond. If you want to maintain a beautiful smile with healthy gums and strong teeth, regular professional care from your dentist is the best way to go. Here is a list of reasons why regular dental visits are so important-braces in Buda or not!...

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How Oldham Family Orthodontics in Kyle Can Improve Other Aspects of Your Life

August 15th 2022

Are you ready to improve your smile? Close to three in five Americans would rather have a nice smile than clear skin. Some people would even give up dessert or vacations just to get it! At Oldham Family Orthodontics in Kyle, we’re ready to get you started on your smile journey! Did you know that when you decide to improve your smile, you’re also improving other aspects of your life at the same time? Having a great smile can impact your oral health, physical and mental health, job opportunities, and even your dating life!


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Retainer Options After Kyle Braces

July 15th 2022

Your Kyle braces have finally come off! Now there’s no need to ever worry about your teeth again, right? Well . . . not quite. You want to keep your new smile looking beautiful for years to come, and the best way to do that is by wearing a retainer.


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Why Summer is a Great Time for Kids to Start Orthodontics in Kyle

June 27th

Summertime is a great time to splash in the pool and beat the heat, and it’s also a great time for braces! At Oldham Family Orthodontics in Kyle, we want to share with you some of the advantages of getting Kyle braces on before school begins again in the fall.


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10 Questions You Should Ask Your Kyle Orthodontist

June 17 2022

Before you get braces in Kyle or Invisalign in Kyle, you want to know what you’re getting into. At Oldham Family Orthodontics in Kyle, we completely understand that! When you go in for your initial consultation, it’s helpful to have a list of questions handy so you can feel thoroughly prepared before treatment starts. Here are ten questions you should ask your Kyle orthodontist!


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How Your Smile Changes as You Age and What You Can Do About it

April 18th, 2022

As we age we may see a few more wrinkles and a few more gray hairs in the mirror, but we also may notice that our smile looks a little different. Even if you had braces as a teenager, that’s not a guarantee that your teeth won’t shift and change as you get older. Here at Oldham Family Orthodontics in Kyle, we treat patients of all ages, and that includes older adult patients! Here are some ways that your smile and teeth may change as you age, and what you can do about it.


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What to Expect the First Week of Invisalign in Kyle

March 15th, 2022

Now, let’s talk Invisalign. Invisalign in Kyle is a great solution for anyone who wants to straighten their teeth in an effective and subtle way. Instead of traditional Kyle/Buda braces, Invisalign aligners are clear and removable, and they are just as efficient. You can find answers to some of the most Frequently Asked Questions we get about Invisalign right here, but in this blog we thought we’d outline what our patients can expect the first week after getting Invisalign aligners.


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Palate Expanders: What They Are and What Issues They Fix

February 18th, 2022

Remember about 20 years ago when no one got braces until middle school or high school? Well, the world of orthodontics has changed a lot since then, and now early orthodontic treatment around age 7 or 8 can be recommended to prevent more invasive treatments later on. Dr. Oldham says


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Your Hometown is Our Hometown: Why We Love Living in Kyle

January 18, 2022

At Oldham Family Orthodontics in Kyle, we can hardly believe it’s our one year anniversary! When we opened our office doors in January 2021 there’s no way we could have predicted that a Texas Snowpocalypse would hit our town just a month afterwards. Through it all, we weathered the storms and we are overwhelmed by the support and love from everyone in our amazing Kyle, TX community.


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Gift Yourself the Smile You’ve Always Wanted at Oldham Family Orthodontics in Kyle

Dec 20 2021

You’ve spent days and hours driving, buying, and wrapping, and finally all your Christmas shopping is done and the presents are under the tree! Now, what about YOU? It’s easy to put ourselves last, especially when we have loved ones that we love to spoil and treat. But this Christmas and New Year’s, we give you permission to gift yourself the smile you’ve always wanted!...

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Saying Thank You to Our Patients at Oldham Family Orthodontics in Kyle

Nov 20 2021

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and here at Oldham Family Orthodontics in Kyle, we wanted to take a moment to say thank you to the best patients around! We hope that everyone gets to celebrate this holiday feasting and laughing with friends and family. This season we especially want to give thanks to our patients for choosing our orthodontic office in Kyle!...

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Candy and Halloween Treats You Should Avoid With Braces in Kyle

Oct 29 2021

Halloween is just around the corner, and that means your plastic pumpkins will soon be full of hard to ‘Reese-ist’ Halloween candy! But before you go ‘goblin’ up all that candy, make sure it doesn’t ruin your Kyle/ Buda braces! At Oldham Family Orthodontics in Kyle, we want you to enjoy your holiday without breaking off brackets or causing damage to your orthodontic wires. If you have Kyle braces, here’s a list of candy that you should steer clear of, and candy that is safe to eat....

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Think You’re Experiencing an Orthodontic Emergency? Here’s When to Call Your Kyle Orthodontist!

Oct 06 2021

Getting braces in Buda or Kyle can be a huge lifestyle adjustment. Suddenly you have to take care of all these wires and brackets in your mouth and on your teeth and it can be an overwhelming process. The pain, soreness, and irritation that you are experiencing is all brand new and takes days or sometimes weeks to get used to. During this time, there may be occasions when you get scared and think you’re having an orthodontic emergency. Don’t panic! Buda and Kyle braces are very safe, and at Oldham Family Orthodontics in Kyle we promise we’ll take care of you quickly....

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Why You Should Choose Professional Orthodontics in Kyle Over Direct-to-Consumer Services

Sep 08 2021

Are you ready to improve your smile? There are so many direct-to-consumer companies out there right now who promise to give you a beautiful smile at a super low price without ever stepping foot in an orthodontist’s office. If you’re ready to straighten your teeth and you have a busy schedule, you may think this is the best option for you. But more often than not these companies don't deliver the results they promise, and people end up with more problems than they started with....

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Wearing Kyle Braces and Kyle Invisalign

Aug 08 2021

When you choose Oldham Family Orthodontics in Kyle, you’re already on the right path to achieving a long-lasting, beautiful smile! To ensure you’re doing everything possible to keep your teeth clean and healthy, we’ve got some important do’s and don'ts you should follow whether you’re in Kyle braces or Kyle Invisalign....

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How to Take Care of your Kyle Braces Even When You’re on Vacation

Jul 01 2021

School’s out, and it’s summertime! Here at Oldham Family Orthodontics in Kyle, we want you to get out there and enjoy the sun and have fun on all the vacations you’ve planned for this summer. For many children and adults, summertime is also the perfect time to get braces in Kyle! Summer allows you a good 2-3 months to get used to the way braces feel and look before the school routine starts up again....

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Why Choose a Board-Certified Orthodontist in Kyle

Jun 12 2021

When you decide it’s time to get your car repaired, you don’t trust your vehicle to just anyone. You take it to a mechanic with credentials you can trust. The same goes for your teeth. You wouldn’t trust just anyone to straighten and align them....

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Ready to Start Invisalign in Kyle? Here are Answers to Some of the Most FAQs about Invisalign

May 11 2021

Everyone wants a beautiful smile, but not everyone wants to deal with metal brackets and braces to get it. At Oldham Family Orthodontics in Kyle, we completely understand that traditional metal braces are not everyone’s favorite solution. That’s why we offer Invisalign® to our patients....

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Ready for Kyle Invisalign? Get Access to the Latest 3D Technology at Our Orthodontic Office in Kyle!

Apr 08 2021

Going to the dentist or orthodontist in Kyle can be stressful for some people, especially if you need to have a lot of work done. “Dental anxiety, or dental fear, is estimated to affect approximately 36% of the population, with a further 12% suffering from extreme dental fear.” ...

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Meet Your New Orthodontist in Kyle: Get to Know Dr. Maxwell Oldham

Mar 09 2021

I’m from Round Rock, Texas originally, so I really consider Austin and the surrounding areas like Kyle and Buda my home. For college, I went to Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas; I then completed dental school in San Antonio. After dental school, I moved up to Oklahoma for my residency training and attended one of the top programs in the entire country. ...

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Get The Smile You’ve Always Wanted From Your Kyle Orthodontist in 2021

Feb 05 2021

A new year. A new you. You’ve made resolutions to work out harder, eat healthier, and spend more time doing the things you love. So why not set a goal this 2021 to get the smile you’ve always wanted...

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