Why Summer is a Great Time for Kids to Start Orthodontics in Kyle

Summertime is a great time to splash in the pool and beat the heat, and it’s also a great time for braces! At Oldham Family Orthodontics in Kyle, we want to share with you some of the advantages of getting Kyle braces on before school begins again in the fall.

Time to Adjust to Soreness

The first few days after your child gets Kyle/Buda braces on they will be sore and uncomfortable and unable to eat a lot of the foods they would normally eat. Make sure you have plenty of pudding, mashed potatoes, applesauce, yogurt and other soft foods readily available for your child to eat. They won’t feel like crunching anything or chewing much for the first couple of days. Since the routine is usually more relaxed during summer time, your child won’t have to worry about going to school immediately and trying to concentrate while their mouth is in pain. After the first three to four days, your child will be able to resume eating normal foods and they will feel a lot more comfortable. This transition is way easier for kids without having to worry about school!

Summer Means More Time to Practice Oral Hygiene

Maybe before your child got their Kyle braces on they weren’t the best at brushing and flossing. After those Buda braces go on, they can’t just hope that brushing once a day is “good enough”. Plaque and food debris can easily build up in between Kyle braces and kids need to make sure they’re spending adequate time brushing their teeth and flossing and caring for their Kyle/Buda braces. This is simpler to do without the last minute rush out the door to get to school. You can watch your child for the first week or two to see how their new habits are coming along and give them guidance if they need it. Once a new oral hygiene routine is established, your child will be much more likely to keep up those good brushing habits in the school year.

Scheduling Appts With Your Orthodontist in Kyle is Easier in the Summer

With so many people going out of town and on vacation, it can be a lot easier to schedule appointments during the summer with the Kyle orthodontist you like. When your child first starts orthodontic treatment, they’ll need to come in for several appointments just a few days apart. Making those appointments during the summertime gives you more flexibility and it means your child won’t have to miss school. You’ll be able to schedule those appointments at a time that is convenient for you without worrying about your child having make-up work or missed projects. If you have younger children who aren’t braces age yet, you can bring them along to appointments so they won’t see the orthodontist as a “scary” place to be. Then when it’s their turn to have Kyle braces, it won’t be a nerve-wracking or scary experience because they’ve already seen a sibling get them on.

Braces With No Extracurriculars To Worry About

If your son or daughter plays basketball, volleyball, soccer, tennis, football, etc. they will have to learn how to protect their braces while playing sports. This will be easier to do if they’ve had the Buda braces on for a few weeks already and their mouth has already adjusted to the new feel of metal in their mouth. If they’re involved in a contact sport like football or basketball, you may want to purchase them a mouthguard to protect their teeth.

Some kids who play in the school band also find it helpful to get Buda braces on before they go back to school so they can learn how to play their instrument effectively with braces on once the soreness has died down. Brass instruments like the trombone, trumpet, tuba, etc, and wind instruments like the clarinet, bassoon, oboe, etc require the use of the lips, facial muscles, tongue, and teeth. Your child will probably have already learned the proper positioning of their mouth, or their “embouchure” and may have to modify it slightly once their Kyle/Buda braces are on.

More Time to Accept the Look of Kyle Braces

When you’re a kid and anything changes about your appearance (such as getting glasses or a new haircut), it’s easy to feel self-conscious. The same goes for Buda/Kyle braces. Your child may need a few weeks to get used to seeing themselves in the mirror with braces on and be ok with it before going back to school. You want them to have time to accept and like their new look before they have to interact with their peers on a daily basis. Home should be a safe place during the summer where they can process their feelings about their Kyle braces and get used to them.

Choose Oldham Family Orthodontics in Kyle

At Oldham Family Orthodontics in Kyle, we know braces are a big deal to kids! Board-certified Kyle orthodontist Dr. Maxwell Oldham and our staff are here to help make that transition and adjustment go as smoothly as possible. Summertime is a great time to get started!

Whether you’re considering Buda braces for your child, or Invisalign in Kyle for yourself, or another form of treatment, Dr. Oldham has the right education and expertise to evaluate your individual case. We promise we’ll take great care of you from the minute you walk in the door until your treatment is fully complete.

“Took my daughter in on Friday and had a very positive experience with Dr. Oldham and the office staff. Everyone was very friendly and welcoming. Dr. O thoroughly explained everything that he was doing during the FREE consult. All options were explained and diagrams of what MY daughter’s teeth would look like after treatment were shown. Aside from all of this, my daughter loved this office and was very comfortable with Dr. O and the staff. She’s very excited to get her braces and have a better smile. She just keeps telling me how much she loves this office.” -Facebook Review from Chrissi M.

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