Qualifications to Look for in Your Kyle Orthodontist


Googling “Orthodontics in Kyle”? When it’s time to get Kyle braces or Invisalign in Kyle, you don’t want to trust your teeth to someone who is inexperienced or ill-qualified. You want an expert to make your teeth look as beautiful as possible! At Oldham Family Orthodontics in Kyle, we know that our patients want the kind of results that can only come from an extremely qualified orthodontist. Here are some of the qualifications you should look for before starting orthodontic treatment.


An Orthodontist With the Right Education

We know you have several options for your specific orthodontic treatment. So how do you choose which orthodontist is right for you? Your orthodontist should have at least the following education under his/her belt before practicing orthodontics:

  • Completion of an undergraduate program (4 yrs)

  • Graduation from dental school (4 years)

  • Pass Licensing Examinations

  • Acceptance to CODA (Commission on Dental Accreditation) Accredited Orthodontic Program

  • Completion of Accredited Orthodontic Residency Program (2-3 years)


If you don’t know what kind of education your orthodontist has, ask! It’s ok to double check your ortho’s credentials, and any qualified orthodontist with nothing to hide will be happy to tell you where they obtained their education. For more about varying levels of training in dentistry and orthodontics, check out this blog post


A Doctor With Proper Training and Experience

Education doesn’t mean a whole lot without the requisite training and experience to go with it. Your Kyle orthodontist should have completed an accredited orthodontic residency program, where they had the opportunity to work with numerous patients and deal with difficult cases. He/She should feel confident after their residency that they can replicate the same results at their own practice and take on new challenging cases. Dr. Oldham says,


“I’ve had over 7,500 hours of training. I’ve seen a plethora of simple to complex cases in many different patient populations. I’ve seen children to the elderly. I’ve dealt with cleft lip and cleft palate issues, surgery cases, craino-facial abnormality cases, etc. In orthodontic residency you’re seeing cases from all walks of life, all different varieties. . . It’s intensive training day after day, lots of studying, and hours and hours of practice, and it can be seen in my work as an orthodontist in Kyle.”


Sometimes an individual case may require additional measures, like oral surgery. In that situation, your orthodontist should be able to refer you to another qualified professional who can complete the needed procedure in tandem with your orthodontic care. 


Someone Who Cares About New Treatment Options

As a professional orthodontist, your doctor should care about what treatment options exist and stay up-to-date on the most current technology. Just like computer and phone technology, Kyle/Buda orthodontic treatment is constantly changing and evolving. Twenty five years ago Invisalign®  didn’t exist, and everyone who wanted straighter teeth had to select traditional wire braces to make it happen. Now, Invisalign in Kyle is a very popular treatment for adults and teens alike!


Companies like Invisalign often offer courses and training to orthodontists to perfect their techniques and learn about new options. Continuing education is important for all dentists and orthodontists within a field such as orthodontics which continues to advance and innovate. Dr. Oldham makes it his goal to attend training courses and read reference material that pertains to his orthodontic practice. He is always looking for new ways to help his patients get the best possible results.


An Orthodontist Who is Invested in YOU

There are some doctors out there who try to see as many patients as possible without treating them with the individualized care they deserve. You deserve an orthodontist who cares about you, not just the money they’ll make from accepting your case. Trusting someone with the smile you’ll have for the rest of your lifetime is a huge decision, so don’t just say yes to an office.


Why Oldham Family Orthodontics in Kyle is The Right Choice

Looking for an orthodontist with the right qualifications? Look no further than right here in Kyle, Texas! Dr. Maxwell Oldham attended one of the top orthodontic residency programs in the country where almost all of the applicants accepted were in the top 5 students in their class. Dr. Oldham was number 1 at his dental school! The program also has excellent resources with highly educated and experienced faculty teaching the courses who were up to date on all of the latest orthodontic equipment and techniques.


Board-certified Kyle orthodontist Dr. Oldham is an Austin native with the combined expertise, training, knowledge, and experience to deliver fantastic results. Dr. Oldham gives every one of his patients individualized attention, and is continually looking for ways to improve his techniques.


If you’re thinking about Kyle/Buda braces, Invisalign in Kyle, Invisalign in Buda or some other type of treatment, set up a FREE consultation with us! You’ll have X-rays taken, a full digital image rendered of your individual smile, and a thorough oral exam done by Dr. Oldham all at no cost to you. At your consultation Dr. Oldham will discuss your treatment options and breakdown financials step-by-step with you. At our office, you’re not just another patient. You’re part of our family!


“Dr. Oldham is the best orthodontist around. I came here after seeing other orthodontists in town and felt like Dr. Oldham gave me the best treatment plan, was the most honest and caring, and truly made me feel excited about getting braces instead of afraid. I knew I could trust Dr. Oldham to give me the best smile! Braces are a big investment but Dr. Oldham’s talent, gentle bedside manner, and thoughtful vision for my smile made it worth every penny! I highly recommend anyone thinking about braces, especially for your kids, to go see Dr. Oldham!!” –Google Review from Robert H.


If you live in Kyle, San Marcos, or Buda, orthodontics has never been easier. 

We provide Kyle/Buda braces and Invisalign in Kyle to kids, teens, and adults. 

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