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in-house aligners in kyle

We know you. Yeah, you! You decided to stop wearing your retainer a few months ago and now your teeth have shifted. You might feel embarrassed and ashamed and don’t want to come back into an orthodontic office to confess. Don’t worry! Most adults don’t want to go through metal braces again if they’ve had them before. And if you’ve had braces before and just need to shift one or two teeth back into position, you’ve come to the right place! Here at Oldham Family Orthodontics in Kyle, we make clear aligners in-house to help anyone with minimal shifting or a slight relapse.

How to Tell If You’re Eligible for In-House Aligners

If you’ve never had Kyle/Buda braces before and you’re starting orthodontics from scratch, most likely an in-house aligner is not going to solve your issues. You will probably need traditional metal braces or Invisalign in Kyle. But, if you’ve had orthodontics in Kyle before and just need to correct some minimal shifting or a slight relapse, you could definitely be a candidate! For example, some of our patients recently moved to the Kyle/Buda area from a different town. They previously had braces or Invisalign 10-20 years ago, but suddenly find that their retainer isn’t fitting anymore. They don’t want to go through braces or Kyle Invisalign again, but they need more than just a new retainer to correct the minor shifts in their teeth. Our in-house aligners could be a great solution for them!

How In-House Aligners Work

Our in-house aligners are designed to help guide teeth into proper position. They use gradual force to control tooth movement without any metal wires or brackets. The strong plastic material is fabricated to fit your mouth perfectly and shift your teeth ever so slightly. Usually you’ll be given about 3-4 aligners to wear, and when you change to a new one, your teeth will move just a little more. When worn for at least 20 hours a day, aligners can be just as effective as Buda/Kyle braces at moving teeth into correct placement.

What To Expect When You Come in for In-House Aligners

Much like Kyle Invisalign, we’ll scan your teeth with our iTero® scanner. With this technology, we can perform a complete scan, move teeth virtually, print 3D models, and print clear appliances. The scanning process is completely painless and can be stopped and started at any time if a patient needs to take a break. Most scans are finished within 5-10 minutes and the end result is a perfect 3D digital impression of your teeth that the orthodontist can view on the computer screen. This digital image can then be communicated to the 3D printer and Dr. Oldham can begin to make your aligners in-office. It takes about 2 weeks of turnaround time for your in-house aligners to be printed and ready for pick up.

Why Should I Choose In-House Aligners vs. Direct-to-Consumer Programs?

A lot of orthodontic patients may wonder why they should choose our in-house aligners instead of trying Direct-to-Consumer programs. Although you may receive very similar materials, these types of programs are not very well monitored. In fact, a lot of our ortho patients have tried these programs and have to come into our office to have their teeth properly re-straightened. With a physical, board-certified orthodontist monitoring your progress, you are more likely to have successful, quicker treatment.

In-House Aligners Save Time and Money

You don’t have to wait very long for our in-house aligners to be complete. It’s quite a fast turnaround time because we make them right here in our in-office lab. This cuts down on costs because there is no expensive separate lab fee required. In-house aligners are a great option to save turnaround time and overall cost.

Choose Oldham Family Orthodontics in Kyle

Not only do we make in-house aligners at our office, but we make retainers too! If you’ve recently lost a retainer, come on in and let us get you scanned, printed, and fitted for a new one!!

Click on this link to see Dr. Oldham making in-house aligners!

Kyle Orthodontist Dr. Maxwell Oldham is a board-certified orthodontist, which means he has the combined expertise, training, knowledge, and experience to deliver fantastic results. If you are interested in our in-house aligners or if you’re thinking about Kyle/Buda braces or Invisalign in Kyle for the first time, set up a FREE consultation with us! At our office, you’re not just another patient. You’re part of our family!

“Being a dental hygienist at an office that constantly has patients that need to be referred to orthodontists, I have only ever heard GREAT things about Dr. Oldham and his team. Patients are always happy with his work, his communication, friendliness and love for overall dental care. Dr. Oldham works very closely with my doctors to ensure they are getting proper treatment at the right time and sets them up for success in the future. He is personally my favorite orthodontist to refer to and patients ALWAYS come back with positive things to say about their experience. The fact that he is not only concerned with the alignment of patient’s teeth but takes initiative to urge people to see their general dentists about potential cavities and overall hygiene care shows that he is truly about the overall improvement of patient dental care and not just orthodontics. Highly recommend Dr. Oldham and you will not be disappointed with the results.”Google review from Martin C. Registered Dental Hygienist.

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