Braces in Kyle: What To Do If Your Wire Pops Out

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Traditional metal braces are used by orthodontists all over the world to straighten crooked teeth. Here in Kyle, braces are seen on kids, teens, and adults! Though mouths and teeth differ from patient to patient, metal braces as we know them have been used for quite a while; however, the technology behind them has changed for the better. Braces have several parts that include the brackets, archwire, and ligature elastics. Dr. Maxwell Oldham at Oldham Family Orthodontics in Kyle uses these components to achieve beautiful, straight smiles for his patients. Let’s learn more about what these parts do and what to do if a wire pops out of place.

What Are Braces Made Of?

Traditional braces are made up of three main parts as mentioned before:

Brackets: These are stainless steel squares that are glued onto the center of each tooth. Using a special bonding glue, your brackets should stay on your teeth for as long as you need them to, but can easily be removed at your orthodontist’s office. Brackets act as anchors to hold your wire steady. Tiny rubber elastics are placed around them to protect your teeth and prevent food from getting stuck in them.

Archwire: Your wire will pass through the brackets on each tooth, and stretch all the way to your back molars. It’s common for Kyle orthodontist Dr. Oldham to place a wraparound bracket on the back molar to stabilize this archwire. Archwires are designed to follow the curve of your jaw and should not poke out in strange directions.

Ligature Elastics: Most patients enjoy picking out different colored rubber bands/elastics when they come in for orthodontics in Buda. These elastics keep the archwire sturdy so your teeth can be effectively straightened.

What Causes My Wire to Pop Out?

We use our mouths a LOT every day. When you eat a food on the “No-No List” that is really sticky or extra crunchy, it can pull on your archwire and cause it to break. Messing with your braces a lot using a toothpick or finger can also cause your wire to come out. If you’re involved in sports or any kind of physical activity where your mouth may be hit, you also risk a bracket popping off or a wire popping out.

Side Effects of a Broken Archwire

A broken archwire is not always an emergency. Here is some of what it’s possible you’ll experience if you leave a broken archwire for too long:

Discomfort: Wires are poky! You may feel uncomfortable if the wire is sticking out of your Kyle braces and jabbing the inside of your lips or cheek.

Cuts: If left untreated, a broken wire could lead to cuts and bleeding on the inside of your mouth.

Sores: A wire that’s broken or popped out of place can irritate the tissues of your mouth. This may lead to the formation of mouth sores.

If your wire has popped out over the weekend, DON’T PANIC! You are unlikely to get cuts or sores within just a day or two. It’s important to contact your orthodontist and set up an appointment as soon as you can, but it’s not an after-hours emergency.

Use Dental Wax to Deal With a Broken Wire

If your Kyle orthodontist is unable to see you for a few days, try using dental wax to ease the pain and discomfort that comes from a protruding wire. You can roll a small amount of dental wax into a little ball, flatten it, and then gently press it onto the wire so it won’t continue to poke you. If you didn’t receive dental wax with your Buda/Kyle braces, then a pencil eraser or cotton swab could also pull that wire away from your lips and cheek.

It’s not a great idea to try to clip the wire yourself. First, because you are not an orthodontist, and may hurt yourself more in the process, and second, because it’s possible you could swallow a piece of the wire if you go this route. If you absolutely feel like you can clip it safely, a pair of sharp nail clippers is recommended. Do not try to remove a broken wire yourself. You could get hurt and cause more injury.

How to Prevent Wires from Breaking in Your Kyle Braces

The following steps are ways to take care of your brackets and wires and will help prevent them from breaking:

Brush Your Braces and Teeth Gently: It’s a good idea to carry a soft-bristled toothbrush with you so you can carefully brush your teeth after every meal. After you brush, be sure to rinse your mouth afterwards to help clear out remaining bits of food.

Use Floss: Don’t try to grab stuck food with your finger. Use floss! If you find flossing uncomfortable while wearing Kyle/Buda braces, your orthodontist can show you how to use a floss threader.

Don’t Eat Foods on the “No-No List”: Popcorn and caramel are tasty, but the sticky, hard, or crunchy consistency can damage your braces. Stay away from any foods on the “no-no list” to prevent wire breakage.

Wear a Mouthguard: If you play a sport like football, basketball, or any other kind of contact sport, a mouthguard can help protect your teeth and braces from outside pressure or damage.

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