Think You’re Experiencing an Orthodontic Emergency? Here’s When to Call Your Kyle Orthodontist!

handling orthodontic emergencies

Chart from American Association of Orthodontists

Getting braces in Buda or Kyle can be a huge lifestyle adjustment. Suddenly you have to take care of all these wires and brackets in your mouth and on your teeth and it can be an overwhelming process. The pain, soreness, and irritation that you are experiencing is all brand new and takes days or sometimes weeks to get used to. During this time, there may be occasions when you get scared and think you’re having an orthodontic emergency. Don’t panic! Buda and Kyle braces are very safe, and at Oldham Family Orthodontics in Kyle we promise we’ll take care of you quickly.

Before you call the after-hours number requesting an immediate appointment, there are actually a lot of things you can do at home to keep everything in place until you can make it into our Kyle orthodontics office. Here are some tips on what is and what isn’t an emergency and how to handle various orthodontic situations you might find yourself in.

Mouth Sores, Discomfort, or Irritation: Not an Emergency

Throughout your treatment, and especially after you’ve had your braces tightened, your mouth and teeth may be sore and irritated. You can take over-the-counter medications like Tylenol or Ibuprofen to alleviate your symptoms. You can also apply wax to the areas of your mouth that are the most irritated and do an occasional warm saltwater rinse. It will take your mouth a little while to adjust to Kyle or Buda braces, so the pain or discomfort may not go away immediately. If you are experiencing pain beyond normal soreness, or suspect an infection, call our Kyle orthodontics office during normal office hours so we can assist you and see if you should come in.

Loose or Broken Bracket: Not an Emergency

Metal brackets are attached to your teeth in the center, and they look like small, square pieces of metal. While a loose or broken bracket may seem frightening, it isn’t cause for alarm. We will take care of you at Oldham Family Orthodontics in Kyle. If you’ve eaten food that’s particularly sticky or hard, or maybe bumped into something, a bracket can loosen or break. When a bracket is loose, just leave it in place and use some wax to cover it so it won’t bother you and you won’t be tempted to mess with it. If your bracket completely comes off, just remove it and put it in a small ziploc bag. You can schedule a regular appointment during our normal office hours to get a new one put on by your Kyle/Buda orthodontist at a convenient time.

Ligatures Come Off: Not an Emergency

You know those rubber bands you got to pick out the very first day you got Kyle/ Buda braces? Another name for those is ligatures. They’re in charge of holding the wire to the bracket glued to your teeth. If you’re worried that a ligature has come off, you can use a pair of sterile tweezers to put it back in place or remove it. Look at all the other ligatures on your teeth and make sure they are all still attached. As long as everything else looks good, there’s no rush to come in right away. You can get a new ligature put on at your next Buda/Kyle orthodontic appointment or schedule an earlier Kyle/Buda orthodontic office visit if you absolutely need to.

Protruding Wire: Not an Emergency

You have an archwire that connects all your brackets together and gives your teeth the proper force to move them into the correct positions. It is possible for this wire to come out of place and poke you! If this happens, you can use a Q-tip or pencil eraser to push the wire so that it is flat against the tooth. You can also cover it with some oral wax so it won’t bother you. As a last resort, you can clip the wire with a pair of sharp clippers until you can get in to see your Buda/Kyle orthodontist. Because this is not an emergency, just call our Kyle or Buda orthodontics office during normal business hours so we can schedule an appointment for you to adjust your wire.

An Injury or Trauma to the Mouth or Face: A TRUE EMERGENCY

If you are in a serious car accident or have experienced significant trauma to your mouth, teeth, or face, you need to contact Dr. Oldham immediately on his emergency number so you can be seen right away. You don’t want to wait and see or try to treat yourself at home. You need to be examined so that Dr. Oldham can evaluate the extent of the damage and decide the proper way to care for you. Being in an accident can lead to multiple brackets and wires shifting and coming out of alignment and even teeth chipping or coming out. You may be experiencing severe pain and it could get worse if you’re not seen right away. This is why we have an emergency after-hours number, so call us if this happens to you!

Oldham Family Orthodontics in Kyle is Here For You

Our Kyle/Buda orthodontic office strives to do everything we can to make your smile journey a great one. We want you to feel taken care of, and we’re here to assist you with your Buda or Kyle braces or Kyle or Buda Invisalign. Because we know emergencies can happen, we encourage all of our patients, and especially those with Kyle/Buda braces, to wear a protective mouth guard while playing sports or doing any other kind of contact activity where an accident could occur. When you come in to see us, you can expect a warm welcome from our office staff and a thorough examination by board-certified Kyle orthodontist Dr. Oldham.

“Dr. Oldham and his staff are great! I first took my son to have his free consultation for braces, Dr. Oldham was thorough, honest, and was great with kids. I liked them so much I decided to go for myself for a consultation. They have a flexible payment plans, have an in house lab, offer a family discount, and the office is very clean. They offer water and coffee, and have video games for the kids to play while they wait. Overall, my experience was great, scheduling was flexible (lots of after hours and even weekends) and the receptionist was so kind and amazing- you can even schedule your consultation via their website. Great orthodontist!!” -Google review from Abigail S.

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