Why You Should Choose Professional Kyle Orthodontics Over Direct-to-Consumer Services

Are you ready to improve your smile? There are so many direct-to-consumer companies out there right now who promise to give you a beautiful smile at a super low price without ever stepping foot in an orthodontist’s office. If you’re ready to straighten your teeth and you have a busy schedule, you may think this is the best option for you. But more often than not these companies don’t deliver the results they promise, and people end up with more problems than they started with.

The American Association of Orthodontics has put out a Consumer Alert so patients are aware of just what they’re getting into if they decide to go this route. At Oldham Family Orthodontics in Kyle, we take the health and safety of our patients seriously and we want you to be aware of the pitfalls you could experience by choosing to try Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) Orthodontics.

No X-Rays Are Taken with Direct-to-Consumer Orthodontics

When you visit a Kyle or Buda orthodontist for the first time, a series of comprehensive x-rays should be taken to determine what your bone structure, jaw, and teeth look like from the inside out and how everything’s fitting together. These x-rays allow a Buda or Kyle orthodontist to come up with an individualized treatment plan that will specifically target your smile goals, while maintaining your health and quality of life.

If you choose a DTC service, you’ll either have a 3D image taken of your teeth at a shop, or you will be given an at-home impression kit that includes dental putty and a tray for you to make your own dental impressions. There are no x-rays taken with DTC services, so there’s no way of knowing if the dentist or orthodontist who is supposed to be tracking your case knows the full situation of what’s going on inside your mouth.

This is a problem, because things that might show up on an x-ray like an infected tooth or wisdom teeth growing in—both which could seriously impact your teeth!—won’t be detectable from a 3D scan or dental impression. It’s important that your entire oral health history is reviewed and discussed by a board certified Kyle or Buda orthodontist before undergoing any type of new treatment.

Bite Problems Are Not Addressed with DTC Services

Often people decide to get Invisalign in Buda or Kyle because they have issues with the way their teeth come together. Their top teeth may protrude too much in an overbite, or they may have a crossbite, underbite, or open bite. If left untreated, all these conditions can lead to things like premature wear of the teeth, gum disease, tissue problems, dysfunctional chewing patterns, and jaw or joint problems.

DTC services do not address bite issues. These services mainly focus on mild to moderate imperfections, like teeth that are too crowded or too spaced out. On most of these websites, there will be a box you can click to determine if you are a candidate for their services. About 95 percent of people reviewed for treatment are accepted, regardless of whether they have bite problems or not. This is concerning, because it means even if your teeth end up getting straighter, you could also be aggravating a problematic bite.

A board certified Kyle or Buda orthodontist will design a treatment plan to not only straighten your teeth, but also to correct and perfect your bite at the same time. This is something that DTC services just don’t do.

DTC Service Providers Don’t Check Up on You

Companies that offer mail-order aligners often claim that they have a dentist or orthodontist monitoring your case remotely who is available to answer any questions you have throughout your treatment. However, many patients who choose DTC services say that their phone calls are not returned, their emails go unanswered, and they are never able to get in touch with a dentist or orthodontist about their progress. While many companies claim you have “24/7 access to our dental care team,” the reality is, DTC services don’t even provide basic customer service, let alone actual dental help.

You should feel confident that the Buda or Kyle orthodontist you’ve trusted with your teeth will be there for you no matter what. A professional Kyle or Buda orthodontic office should never leave your questions unanswered or be unavailable for regular check-ups. In order for you to get the results you want, it’s essential that your treatment is regularly monitored by a licensed orthodontist.

Choose Oldham Family Orthodontics in Kyle

At Oldham Family Orthodontics in Kyle, we believe in educating our patients about their options for teeth straightening. While DTC services may work for a very minimal number of cases, many patients end up frustrated and exasperated having to deal with new dental problems, as well as lost money and time.

Our office strives to do everything we can to make your smile journey a great one. Kyle Orthodontist Dr. Oldham says, “The direct-to-consumer tooth alignment companies do not allow patients to get the best outcomes possible, and oftentimes bad outcomes can result, because they do not have the same level of monitoring, skill, and care that you get with an orthodontist at a private practice.”

When you choose our Kyle office for orthodontic treatment, we promise to take care of you and your smile. Dr. Oldham is a Board-Certified Orthodontist with the experience and education to help you achieve the smile you want.

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